About Us

CannaCasa is a non-profit association formed in 2019 with the aim of promoting the industrial cannabis sector, commonly known as hemp.

Our Mission

The primary objectives behind the creation of CannaCasa are based on the sector's lack of development, promotion and support for the production and use of as many hemp-based materials as possible, as well as several other by-products in a way sustainable development;

We fulfill this mission by defending the interests of Portuguese farmers and processors participating in this industry, with a view to promoting alternatives that prove to be ecological and sustainable

Our Values

The values on which CannaCasa is based, and with which it intends to carry out its attributions are:

Null/Negative Carbon Footprint

Minimizing our ecological footprint is essential to reducing the human impact on the planet.

Sustainability and Energy Optimization

Alternative means and products, which consume less natural resources, and which should be supported and developed.

Choice of Renewable Materials

The use of Hemp for industrial purposes provides a versatile and continuously renewable source of raw material.

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